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Update by user Jul 15, 2016

It would seem that they have managed to have the other review that was on this site taken down... I am still owed a large sum of money and I know at least ten other people who are as well...

If anyone has any information on these two please let us know. advice@dr.com.

Thank you all for your comments, please keep the information coming.

Original review posted by user May 05, 2016

Parmafey Int (www.parmafey.com) and Balquidder Advisors (www.balquidder.com) are one and the same company run by Alec Maclaren/Alex Mcgrory (www.bigfishcreditors.com) and Allan Canning.

They have a history of misleading investors and not paying there staff.

I as others are currently owed high sums of money by them, they seem to be winding up there current companies (maybe they have ripped off so many people they have burned these companies (websites below). As far as I can tell Alec Maclaren is living in Javea Spain and Allan Canning is in Glasgow. All the telephone numbers for the companies are no longer working but the websites are still up, the only number on the website that is working is the Bulgarian office number, how ever that seems to be a number to an ex-employee who said that he is very keen to talk with either Alec or Allan.

They have no license to give financial advise in Europe, Middle East or Asia. Be very careful if you have contact with either of them...




Telephone Numbers:

UAE Tel: +971 4454 9849

UK Admin +44 141 628 7928

LinkedIn Profiles:



Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of being ripped off. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "ripped off" of deta fund and associated monetary loss in the amount of $125000. Parmafey needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

Other people also mentioned deta fund in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Parmafey.

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As a resident in the District that Alex McGrory lived in at one point in time I remember the story about how Kevin who had moved to Canada to represent his UK employer rented out his mansion to Alex McGrory and his family.They were in six months rent arrears before they were evicted and Kevin took them to Court.

After a number of no shows at Court Alex McGrory (now known as Alec MacLaren) and his Wife were made bankrupt. This is well documented in the Court records and mentioned in the Big Fish Creditors Creditor's website. Their present luxurious lifestyle in Spain as the MacLaren family is far removed from when they never even turned up at Court in Dumbarton Scotland to be declared bankrupt. They never according to the frustrated Accountancy in Bankruptcy (AIB) signed the statutory forms of obligation for bankrupts.

The penalty for this was only an additional statutory year before they were discharged from their bankruptcy.Knowing that this man has dissolved a number of his businesses since then it surely must mean that the law must be changed !!

to Anonymous #1382240

Kevin in taking Mr & Mrs McGrory alias MacLaren to Court for 6 months non payment of rent which resulted in them being made bankrupt was exactly what they wanted because they could claim benefits as a homeless family of six.At one point in time there were 4 cars in the driveway of their four bedroom upmarket house in the best part of Town and this was courtesy of the Local Councils benefit scheme.

A fraud investigator for the Council advertised in the local Newspaper about anyone knowing benefits cheats to report them. At least one responsible neighbour responded but the investigator told the person it could take five years to bring the matter to Court.

The MacLaren Family moved to Spain and left Allan Canning to run the Scottish investment business in Glasgow until it liquidated and Canning went bankrupt.Same old same old !!


There will be people in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) who have lost their homes in the recent Hurricane and some of them lost their life savings and pension pots investing with Alex McGrory alias Alec MacLaren.He registered his Big Fish Company in the BVI and also liquidated it there.

For them to lose everything now will be a nightmare for these poor people, but will Alec care as he basks in the Sun in Deina in Spain?This could be an interesting story for the media.

to Anonymous #1368847

Alex/Alec was operating a Ponzi investment scheme in Tortola in the BVI and selling investments in his Big Fish offering.His intro was a good and regular return could be expected and at any point in time the investor could withdraw their original capital sum.

The investor would enjoy a good return for a time, but it was probably from their own money or their friends money who had heard about this unbelievale investment scheme. Eventually the dividends would stop. The ex pat population in the BVI is close knit and the number of investors would quickly multiply. One investor invested seventy thousand and enjoyed a good return for a while before withdrawing the capital sum.

This convinced the investor that Big Fish and Alex/Alec was genuine and an entire pension pot was invested and lost.

This was ten years ago and Alec's present offering after many failed offering is Parmafey registered not far from Tortola in Belize.Same old same old story as they say!!

to Anonymous #1380662

After ten years of selling bogus investment schemes all over the World that failed how does Alex McGrory alias Alec MacLaren with a very limited education get away with it? There is no reasonable answer to the question other than he has the nerve to do what other people would never even attempt.

to Anonymous #1371753

As a big rugby fan for more than five years I have been following on social media the rags to riches story about this so called Investment Guru.He stole the address of his near neighbour a friend of our family to register his PIC International Trading Company.

This dissolved just like all of his other companies and brand names listed in the Big Fish Creditors website. The news about PIC'S Incorporation at Companies House surfaced when a member of his close family, who lost a lot of money, reported the news about PIC to the Big Fish Creditors Action Group. The Wife of PIC'S owner the Guru sponsored via her "Driving School" my local Rugby Club. Not bad when the family were receiving housing benefit from EDC for a big house in the best part of town.

They were under investigation by EDC for !the second time according to Barry ........

before they left for Spain.You could never make this stuff up !!

to Anonymous #1374686

Alex/Alec according to his Spouse has not a care in the World and when his Big Fish Office in Glasgow was in total chaos and two close members of his family jumped ship he didn't care.He enticed a clever Aussie living in Cyprus to join him in Glasgow and registered the man in a new Company by using the address of a very successful businessman.

The Aussie after receiving his salary in cash he left.Not long after this Alex was evicted from the office he rented from a famous footballer for rent arrears and the Office Manager left.

to Anonymous #1374924

The Aussie an IFA who left Cyprus to join Alex McGory alias Alec MacLaren in a new company in the Big Fish Glasgow Office when he received his wages in cash he was lucky, because according to a close

member of his family who eventually resigned some of the staff were paid with computers.Alex had approached Investors/Creditors who lost money for personal loans to unlock Big Fish funds that were frozen offshore.

One creditor retained as security his spouses jewellery.

Another major investor/creditor never asked for security lost a lot of money for a second time.Whatever happened to the offshore money it's not known but his spouse got her sentimental jewellery and he got his Rollex from the Pawn.


If you are warning your offshore friends in Dubai and Deina in Spain about Alec MacLaren and Allan Canning then for more information they only need to Google Alec Maclaren 841860.

to Anonymous #1366710

We learn every day about Alec and a member of our Action Group thought that 841860 might have been his number as a Corporal in the British Army when allegedly he was in their Military Police.

His military career and also that of a Dairy Herd Assistant looking to expand, described in his earlier Alex McGrory LinkedIn, paled into insignificance when his Alec Maclaren LinkedIn (the real one) was published.

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