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Update by user Jul 15, 2016

It would seem that they have managed to have the other review that was on this site taken down... I am still owed a large sum of money and I know at least ten other people who are as well...

If anyone has any information on these two please let us know. advice@dr.com.

Thank you all for your comments, please keep the information coming.

Original review posted by user May 05, 2016

Parmafey Int (www.parmafey.com) and Balquidder Advisors (www.balquidder.com) are one and the same company run by Alec Maclaren/Alex Mcgrory (www.bigfishcreditors.com) and Allan Canning.

They have a history of misleading investors and not paying there staff.

I as others are currently owed high sums of money by them, they seem to be winding up there current companies (maybe they have ripped off so many people they have burned these companies (websites below). As far as I can tell Alec Maclaren is living in Javea Spain and Allan Canning is in Glasgow. All the telephone numbers for the companies are no longer working but the websites are still up, the only number on the website that is working is the Bulgarian office number, how ever that seems to be a number to an ex-employee who said that he is very keen to talk with either Alec or Allan.

They have no license to give financial advise in Europe, Middle East or Asia. Be very careful if you have contact with either of them...




Telephone Numbers:

UAE Tel: +971 4454 9849

UK Admin +44 141 628 7928

LinkedIn Profiles:



Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of being ripped off. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "ripped off" of deta fund and associated monetary loss in the amount of $125000. Parmafey needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

Other people also mentioned deta fund in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Parmafey.


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Parmaserv Ltd who once operated from Hydepark Business Centre in Glasgow in an office next to Allan Cannings Balquidder Advisers (dissolved) could also be dissolved for late accounts. The last post to Companies House gave Alec MacLaren's address as Indonesia. Perhaps his neighbours in Deina in Spain and in particular an investor who lost a lot of money might dispute this information?

to Anonymous #1419044

Correction and Balquidder is not Dissolved as yet, but more than likely it will be very soon after the recent Companies House strike off threat in January 2018 which is their second strike off threat ever since it was Incorporated in January 2015.

This time the problem might be overdue accounts and or the fact that the bankrupt Allan Canning was replaced as the Company's Secretary/Director with a Corporate Secretary/Director namely Parmaserv Ltd.

According to a change of particulars file at Companies Alec MacLaren is in Indonesia. An investor in Spain said MacLaren still lives in Deina near Alicante.

Companies House rules state that a Company must have a named person as a Director and to operate with only a Corporate Directory is illegal. Alex McGrory alias Alec MacLaren is the only surviving Director of Parmaserv Ltd who office shared with Balquidder in Glasgow and he should know this.

Companies House who have no powers of investigation know that Alec MacLaren has broken their rules before and they have been alerted once again.

Surprise, surprise Balquidder's only filed accounts for 2 years of trading showed a net worth of £100.Is this just another one of many shell companys?


With less than two hours to go to midnight Mass two good Catholic families will be trying to forget their relatives who have cost countless innocent people a fortune and their pension pots at the wrong time of their life.

Will the black sheep of their families care? Definitely not because they have no conscience, but watch this space !!

to Mary Keeps #1411842

Two hours plus to go until 2018 and the investors who lost money in Detafund via a Barclays account are hopeful that this will be the year that the wee man's bankrupt accomplice with connections to Balquidder (since liquidated) and Parmaserv at the vacated Hydepark Business Centre will see sense and be instrumental in bringing matters to a conclusion.

to Anonymous #1412355

Interesting that Parmaserv which sounds like Parmafey still remains in "business" despite two strike off threats from Companies House.

This company operated for some time in our Hydepark Business Centre in Glasgow in an office next to the office of Allan Canning's Balquidder Advisers, who have since dissolved.

Similar to Alec MacLaren he was at one point in time a Director and Secretary in Parmaserv. However, it has been known for false information to be posted to Companies House (CH) and accepted because CH have no powers of investigation.

It's typical of Alec MacLaren over the past ten years to have a myriad of Companies and Home Addresses. His Parmafey company is allegedly registered in Belize and according to a Companies House CHO1 document dated June 2017 he has a personal address in Singapore.

More than likely he remains in Deina in Spain and living at a new address not far from his previous address.

Twenty four Parmaserv documents at a cost of £1.00 each can be accessed using the Companies House Webcheck. The accounts are overdue again, but the previous two "trading" accounts posted to Companies House had a negative net worth of £114,458. The latest accounts posted to Companies House are for 2014/2015, but the 2015/2016 accounts are well overdue.

The Companies House DISS40 Document dated May 2017 has not been implemented as yet.

Allan Canning resigned from office in Parmaserv Ltd on or around the time he was declared bankrupt.

As a bankrupt he can't be a Secretary in a Ltd Company.Alec MacLaren remains as a Director.


According to a previous comment the Authorities have already made contact with the accomplice from Clynder and if he has any sense just like other former employees at Hydepark Business Centre and Bulgaria he will co operate with the investigation.

He should know that complaints from investors have no limit of time.

Its the man from Spain they are really interested in and his file according to an investor was submitted to the Crown Office many years ago.The only way the Authorities will be successful is by doing a deal with his associate and his former employees.

to Anonymous #1408730

Could this be Mark and Fiona who are cooperating with the authorities?They were employees of Allan at Hydepark Business Centre and they have some credibility according to Investors who lost money?

Alternatively could it be Aidan who met Alec in Kazakhstan when working for their employer based in Moscow.Foolishly Aidan joined Alec in Parmafey and got stung.


Good news has been received from the Alec MacLaren /Alex McGrory's Big Fish Creditors Action Group.According to a constituent of the Big Fish Compensation Scheme, Alec reported that the Scheme will at long last be paying compensation to investors who lost money and this will happen some time in 2008.

The scheme was "created" by Alec when he was known as Alex almost ten years ago and the alleged payout will be a first for him because he has iquidated/dissolved many more Investment Companies and Investment Brands since the Big Fish liquidation in Tortola in the British Virgin Islands.

Does anyone who knows him believe what he is saying any more?Look out your window and you might see a pig flying by.

to Anonymous #1402226

Are you hinting that the Big Fish Compensation Scheme pay out is just another Porky Pie?

to Anonymous #1402618

You mean 2018 for a Big Fish Creditors pay out? 2008 was the year he made his last promise to investors who lost money and this included relatives and friends. The man has no conscience.

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