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Update by user Jul 15, 2016

It would seem that they have managed to have the other review that was on this site taken down... I am still owed a large sum of money and I know at least ten other people who are as well...

If anyone has any information on these two please let us know. advice@dr.com.

Thank you all for your comments, please keep the information coming.

Original review posted by user May 05, 2016

Parmafey Int (www.parmafey.com) and Balquidder Advisors (www.balquidder.com) are one and the same company run by Alec Maclaren/Alex Mcgrory (www.bigfishcreditors.com) and Allan Canning.

They have a history of misleading investors and not paying there staff.

I as others are currently owed high sums of money by them, they seem to be winding up there current companies (maybe they have ripped off so many people they have burned these companies (websites below). As far as I can tell Alec Maclaren is living in Javea Spain and Allan Canning is in Glasgow. All the telephone numbers for the companies are no longer working but the websites are still up, the only number on the website that is working is the Bulgarian office number, how ever that seems to be a number to an ex-employee who said that he is very keen to talk with either Alec or Allan.

They have no license to give financial advise in Europe, Middle East or Asia. Be very careful if you have contact with either of them...




Telephone Numbers:

UAE Tel: +971 4454 9849

UK Admin +44 141 628 7928

LinkedIn Profiles:



Reason of review: RIPPED OFF.

Monetary Loss: $125000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Being ripped off.

  • UAE
  • Offshore
  • Middle East
  • Balquidder
  • Deta Fund
  • Big Fish Creditors
  • Spain
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The story about Alex McGrory / Alec MacLaren a former soldier in H M forces could never be made up but one day it will be told by a former Director of one of Alex's failed investment companies now employed by a media company. He will tell the unbelievable updated story which was in the archives of the journalist who told the story all these years ago.

Sadly the funeral of the journalist will be this week and he had planned to meet Alex Alex/Alec with a media film crew to update his story about the £14m sting in this website. However, the story will live on.

to Anonymous #1634327

It is the shared opinion of a Creditors Action Group that the only person to research their losses in Alec McGrory alias Aec MacLaren's Big Fish Investment Scheme was the now deceased Journalist. To their knowledge other than posts in the social media the story about the many failed investment businesses of Alex/Alec and his latest business partner Allan Canning have not been written. There is a PDF website which denies Alex/Alec's CV and he blames the webmaster of Bigfishcreditors.com for the bad publicity.


A recent comment said that Alec/Alex's wife was working in Iceland Benissa near Javea in Spain and presumably this is a food store, but why work if her husband is worth millions? A smokescreen perhaps just like when she worked for or owned a Driving School and Big Prints (liquidated) when her husband and his Bigfish Investments (liquidated in the British Virgin Islands) was exposed in a Scottish newspaper. The article was headed the £14m sting and click on the picture above for the story.

to Anonymous #1620367

Could it be that the story about Alec/Alex's Wife's Driving School connects to Allan Canning who according to his earlier LinkedIn he was a Driving instructor?


Does anyone have the information needed to contact the action group? I may have some information that would be valuable to them and may be able to help in any investigations, please email me at privacyassured99@gmail.com

to The Info Guy #1612688

The UK police force have already shown their disinterest and unwillingness to go after this fraudulent pair.

to Anon #1613957

When Alec left Scotland to work in Moscow after his Big Fish Company (since liquidated) was exposed in the News of the World's story about a £14m sting he was outwith the jurisdiction of the Scottish Business Faud Police and it looks like they lost interest in him. He was sent to Kazakhstan by his boss in Moscow and he lived there until a curious Partner of an International Accounting Company compared his passport photograph using his new name with a Scottish college rugby team photograph when he was using his birth name.

It looks like wee Alec/Alex MacLaren/ McGrory who owned a myriad of failed companies is untouchable, but what goes around comes around. Allan Canning was declared Bankrupt just like his business partner Alex McGrory many years ago.

to Anon #1615506

You are correct and the UK Police seem reluctant to go after them and perhaps their excuse is valid because many of the frauds are outwith their jurisdiction. That is what I was told but could it be they don't have the skills to investigate the frauds sufficiently to prosecute them.

Another excuse might be the old chestnut that they don't have the funds. However, members of the Action Group have provided more than sufficient information to support a prosecution here in the UK.

A naïve Director of one of the failed investment companies lost his inheritance, but with the help of his friend a retired high ranking Policeman he referred the fraud to a Civil Court in the UK and he recovered his loss. Not everyone has the money to go to Court.


Mclaren has put 3 kids through university in Edinburgh and payed for a flat in Edinburgh for them to live in if this is helpful I also have been ripped off by deta/parmafey/Balquhidder investing my saving with thrm

to anon #1553847

The story about alex or should I say alec owning a flat in Edinburgh for the use of his daughters has already been reported. When he lived in Milngavie he was living in a big house owned by a shareholder in gap and the man was warned about how alex was using false addresses to register scam companies.

Right on Q Alex stole the address of a young couple who lived half a mile away to register his pic international trading which dissolved. In doing this he put the owners at the false address at risk if unwelcome callers came looking for him.

Not that Alex would care about this or the fact that he stole the address of another respectable businessman to register a Director who had travelled from Cyprus to join another scam company that also dissolved. When the Director was paid his salary in cash he left and returned to Cyprus with his family.

to anonymous #1559579

When Alec MacLaren was known as Alex Mcgrory he registered as Directors without them knowing his Nephew and his office Manager in Alex's Big Fish Glasgow office in a shell Company called Great Prints owned by his Wife Mandy. Like all other companies with connections to Alex/Alec it liquidated and the only remaining Director was his office Manager who never knew he was a Director.

to anon #1556416

Are Deta, Parmafey and Balquidder simply investment brand names or are they companies who aren't registered at Companies House in the UK? It looks like Balquidder Advisers was a registered Company, but after the owner Allan Canning was declared bankrupt he was replaced as the Secretary/Director by Parmaserv.

It's illegal to operate a Company without a named person as a Director and Companies House were informed about this. More information is to follow.

to Anonymous #1605925

Hi, I have some more recent information about Alex and would be willing to discuss this, please let me know if this is of any interest to you. I can be contacted at: privacyassured99@gmail.com

to The Info Guy #1621348

The problem is the Info Guy might even be Alec MacLaren fishing for information but if not the site's followers will prefer your information to be posted on this website and then they can post any information that might be connected as a reply. The Info Guy could well be Iain Morgan or Aidan J Flaherty or Frannie Kerr?

Names that appeared rightly or wrongly in business records. Not for the first time identities and addresses were stolen.

to anon #1565630

Interesting post about Alex encouraging his kids, to go through university and when he was a kid his classmate thought he was as thick as mince, but in reality he is dyslexic and required support to obtain his HNC in Dairy farming at a College after an exposure in the News of the Worlds £14m sting. This is linked to a photograph at the top of this website.

Milking investors like Lawyers and successful businessmen was more attractive to Alex than milking cows and he returned to the Investment Business when he joined a company in Moscow who sent him to Kazakhstan to fish in big pools with major accountancy firms.

This didn't last long after a Managing Partner of an Accountants compared a photograph of Alex McGrory in an an Agricultural Colleges Rugby team with a photograph of Alec MacLaren in his passport. You couldn't make it up.

to Anonymous #1570442

Alex’s son Mikey has been reported to be back in Glasgow since early september. Maybe he’s living here and commuting to university in Edinburgh?

This could mean Alex may be planning a trip back down old memory lane.

I am extremely keen to get in contact with anyone willing to discuss a few details about the MacLaren family. Please contact me at privacyassured99@gmail.com

to Private #1571198

It would be unlikely that Alex/Alec has returned to Scotland to visit his Son Mikey or his business partner Allan Canning in Clynder or to watch his beloved Celtic because an investor who lost a lot of money in Big Fish has hired a Triad Company to recover his investment. Is it possible he still lives in Deina or Beniarbeig in Spain?

Is it possible that Joyce the owner of Renvida Estate Agents will know where he is because he office shared with her? Before he left Scotland he was under investigation for abusing the housing benefit system after a tax payer complained about how someone with three cars in their driveway including a Driving School car could qualify for housing benefit and live in a big house with a rent of £1,250 per month.

A representative for the Councils benefit department confirmed that they were under investigation for a second time, but soon after this the family left for Spain. It's likely the file will remain open and this would be another good reason for them to.remain offshore.

to Anonymous #1577338

I have information that may be useful to anyone trying to contact Alec, I am also keen to talk about the MacLaren family as I am aiding an investigation against them and information would be greatly appreciated. Contact me on privacyassured99@gmail.com


When Alec MacLaren was known as Alex McGrory his ice breaker story to prospective investors was his Grand Uncle Jimmy was the late and famous Jimmy McGrory who is a Celtic Football CLub Legend. Jimmy was a perfect Gentleman who would be horrifified about what his great nephew was doing. The McGrory family are good people and they do not deserve this kind of publicity.

to Anonymous #1497474

The McGrory family are good people just like the Canning family and they are all hard working achievers. Allan Canning ran the Glasgow office for Alex McGrory alias Alec MacLaren and allegedly promoting Balquidder Advisers and Parmaserv and Detafund.

Canning a regular at GLasgows Pipeworks was involved with the loss of an American mans inheritance and half of this was traced to a Barclays Bank account. We have to wonder why this wasn't followed up by the authorities, but then again a newspaper report intimated that one million pounds every day is lost in scams.

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